Why are there different success rates among different doctors?


Santiago Munné recently published a study on the impact of the controlled ovarian stimulation on the “normality” of embryos. While there are many reasons that would explain the different success rates among the different doctors, here I will refer to one related to controlled ovarian stimulation (there are others like the doctor’s expertise in the embryo transfer, etc).

In previous studies, some evidence had already been shown that in which some IVF programs have a higher frequency of chromosomally normal embryos (euploids than in others. The explanation that supports this finding is that embryo labs are all very different, and that the gases, incubators and temperatures to which embryos are exposed in the laboratory can impact the development of those embryos. Not only more embryos arrive to blastocyst stage in some embryo labs, but also some labs have more chromosomally normal embryos too.

In the current publication of Munné, it was observed that according to the type of controlled ovarian stimulation, there could be a higher or lower proportion of euploid embryos. And, that’s why, not only the embryology lab impacts on these results but doctors also produce alterations according to the stimulation protocol we choose.

While the level of evidence is still low and must be confirmed with better quality studies, there are some potential reasons that explain why we observe different success rates among the various fertility centers and, even among the different doctors working in each center. Interpreting the stimulation protocol to use and doing theIVF in a high quality laboratory will make us be closer to a successful treatment.


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