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Heather & Alex from Miami, FL USA.

“When we found Fertility Argentina online we felt like we finally had hope for the first time after years of infertility…”

Dear Dr.Glujovsky, we would like to express our thanks and appreciation to you and your professional staff following our recent assisted reproduction treatment and particularly for the success of that treatment. We were a little apprehensive when this procedure was initially referred to us in a number of international cities. Following considerable research we identified your Clinic/ Buenos Aires as our preferred option and we have not been disappointed. We found your clinic very professional both in presentation and equipment and appreciated your informative and relaxed discussions particularly in the circumstances of the treatment. We appreciated that there were no extras to your initially advised fees which were internationally competitive.

Angela from the Golden Coast, Australia

From the time we first contacted Fertility Argentina until the time we received a positive pregnancy test was only six months in total. Dr. Glujovsky is an extremely sensitive and caring human being who truly cares about his patients. He is with you every step of the way and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the whole experience. We cannot say enough nice things about him and the clinic. We would highly recommend Fertility Argentina to anyone who is considering any type of fertility services.

Karen & John from San Diego CA, USA

Fertility Argentina is everything it claims to be and then some more. I had a wonderful experience as a patient of Dr Glujovsky and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking ART. Not only that you will be in good, caring hands from the moment you land in Buenos Aires to the day you leave but you will enjoy all that Buenos Aires has to offer. It is not called “Paris of South America” for nothing. It is the 27th day of my pregnancy as I am writing this testimonial and I still can’t believe how easy the process was. From the day I contacted Dr Glujovsly he told me exactly how to proceed and he was always available for questions. Infertility treatment can be a very positive experience if you are in good hands. Thanks to those I met and those who remain anonymous my life will be changed forever.

Malgorzata from New York, USA


Marisa y Elian, Miami FL, USA

Hello my name is Marisa Livolti. I would like to tell my story of my struggle journey to become a mother, for me it was something impossible in the biological aspect, we tried many treatments in Miami but nothing worked, even though there was terrible desperation and depression but we never lost Hope.

One day a friend of mine mentioned the Cegyr clinic in Argentina and Dr Demián Glujovsky who was a very good Doctor and recognized Doctor, I immediately sent him an email and made an appointment via Skype.

After speaking with Dr Demian Glujovsky my husband ad I had the same feeling of Trust. He was really speaking to us and knew what we were looking for, he was very specific to do egg donation.

He told us he was committed to working with us and let us know what steps we had to follow. We believed him and for the first time were full of Hope.

The treatment was very easy and Dr Glujovsky was on top of every single detail. When we arrived in Argentina the first impression was the attention we received was spectacular,treated us as part of the family. We were in Argentina 7 days and returned back home. After 9 days we were blessed: we had never seen a POSITIVE result in years.

Dr Demian Glujovsky gave us back the hope. Today we are 8 beautiful months pregnant awaiting a little Girl !!!!

Thank you Dr Glujovsky and your professional team work.

Heather & Alex from Miami FL, USA

We wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Demian Glujovsky at Fertility Argentina.

After years of infertility and countless frustrations over failed attempts at achieving pregnancy we found Demian! Our last visit with Demian (March 2017) was just like our first (July 2014)…warm, welcoming, and personal. My husband would say simple, fast, and friendly. These things are absolutely unlike anything we had experienced prior to in the United States (where we live).

Today I write this while sitting beside my 24 month old AND just beginning my second pregnancy…both a result of Demian’s talent and unparalleled care. We could not be more overjoyed at the family Demian has helped us create. The immediate responses, caring nature, and genuine interest in us as a couple and family are the reasons we decided to go back for a sibling for our son that we conceived on our first visit.

There are truly no words great enough to thank you, Demian, for all you have done for us. We are forever grateful for you and our family!

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Dr Demian Glujovsky didn’t promise me a miracle but he ended up giving me one. Dr Demian helped me have my baby Cornelia through IVF. I’m able to work anywhere from my computer so was able to come down to BA for 2 1/2 weeks to do IVF there with him. I had done IVF three times near my house in LA with highly recommended doctors and none were successful. I’m in my early forties and this was going to be my last chance doing IVF with my own eggs before I was going to use donor eggs.  Dr Demian did warn me that my chances weren’t high due to my age/quality of my eggs but we did anyway, and it was successful on his first attempt. We did IVF mid June 2019 and I had my baby Feb 29, 2020.
I highly recommend using Dr Demian and wish I could consult you all personally who are considering him, but I can’t. I can only write this testimonial for him to put on his website. If you are worried about doing surgery outside your country or outside of the US, I can tell you that the level of quality was the same in Buenos Aires with Dr Demian as I had in a very well regarded IVF clinic in Pasadena, CA. That Doctor in Pasadena and IVF facility I was using was over double the price as doing it with Dr Demian. It’s because our dollar is so strong and goes much further in Argentina, that’s it. The level of medical professionalism was the same and comparable.
Dr. Demian has perfect English so you can consult with him by video-chat before coming down to Buenos Aires. A warning that the staff and nurses don’t have perfect English so just brush up on your high school Spanish and you’ll be fine. You can communicate a lot through broken Spanish/broken English and also Google translate. Where Dr. Demian works, everyone is kind and helpful and the facilities are clean and very professional.
All the best of luck in your fertility quest!

March 26, 2020

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