A story about infertility and egg donation

This week I have been at the Cochrane Colloquium. It is an international scientific meeting where network with other health scientists is great. It is the eight consecutive year that I go (every year in a different country). I found out that I can talk to my patients and explain better when I have more tools. And the science and networking with other non-reproductive endocrinologists scientists provide me new tools every year.

Recently, on the last day of the 4-days conference, I participated in a workshop where we were asked to tell a story. I decided to give a step ahead and told my story. It is not a real one, but it could be. I actually didn’t made it up; I used the experience that I got in the last 12 years, and put together some of the stories that I have with my patients.

This one is about egg donation. It is about a woman named Marian that had the dream of getting married and have children. However, she realized that they needed to consult a specialist in reproductive medicine and finally she could need to use donor eggs. Egg donation was not an easy choice…I will not tell you the end of the story. Take a look at this short video:

I always enjoy talking about egg donation. I started organizing the egg donor program in our clinic in 2005, and I am proud of the hundreds of patients that got pregnant here. I know that using donor eggs is not an easy decision. I know that the decision of not using the own DNA could be difficult. But I also know that egg donation gives a great opportunity to some women that cannot use their own eggs. And the satisfaction, when the baby arrives, is wonderful!

I hope you enjoy listening to the story as much as enjoyed telling this story to that large public that didn’t know anything about infertility and egg donation.

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