Why do I choose working in Cegyr?

I am Dr. Demián Glujovsky, a staff doctor at the Cegyr fertility clinic from 2005. In the first 5 years, I was in charge of the egg donor program. At the beginning I traveled to the United States to see how other great egg donor programs work. I spent a few months in two renowned fertility centers seeing how to set our egg donor program in Argentina. When I was back, we carried out the necessary changes so that our program of donor eggs was a reference not only in Argentina, but also in the rest of South America and the whole world. In fact, nowadays, I receive dozens of patients coming from countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some European countries.

Why do I like keep working in Cegyr after so many years?

Because it is a place where I feel comfortable and where I can work basing my approaches on evidence based medicine.

Because Cegyr promotes me to do research and in these years I could publish more than 30 papers international peer-reviewed journals.

Because Cegyr has a top-level embryo lab. This is very useful because, after selecting and leading the better controlled ovarian stimulation, I like to see that those good eggs are finally got embryos to be transferred. And, we can see a very high blastocyst rate, which increases the pregnancy rate a lot.

Because I have several options for each patient, including PGS with the most modern technology (NGS).

Because Cegyr has an egg donor program that works incredibly well.

Because we can freeze eggs in those women who want to postpone maternity.

What do I do in Cegyr?

Although an embryo lab is crucial, it is not enough. An organized program is very useful, but not enough to get the best results. The combination of good medical care with a good optimal fertility center is the key to success. The scientific evidence, plus the many years of experience in this specialty, plus the consideration of patients’ preferences and values, is  the perfect combination of  the evidence-based medicine. My job is to make that every patient treat is unique. Looking for the best strategy, in a personalized way, so that each one has the best chances of success. And this is how statistics are improved. But in this field, it is not enough to think in the short term. It is not enough to choose the appropriate next-treatment. We always have to think in mid-term. we need patience and perseverance. I try to answer all the questions of the patients, and work to reach our shared aim: to have a healthy baby at home as soon as possible, in a simple and non-traumatic way.

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