Why Argentina is one of the top destinations for medical travelers that seek IVF and, especially, egg donation?

One every six couples have an infertility issue and it will keep growing as women try to get pregnant later in the life. The higher the women’s age is, the lower the success rate of having a healthy baby at home is too. time to have a pregnancy is a fact in almost every part of the world.

IVF is more affordable in some regions

Infertility treatments are growing for many reasons. One of the reasons is the increasing prevalence of people needing this type of treatments (as I mentioned above). A second one is that now IVF is more accessible for everyone because the highest quality can be found at exceptional low cost. Although patients need to travel to find these great opportunities, it is worthwhile as they could do, if necessary, 3-4 attempts at the same price as only one in some other more expensive countries (i.e. USA), and with the same high success rates per cycle
This is true for many medical specialties, but it is especially true for infertility treatments: both IVF with own eggs and donor eggs are more affordable in some other countries than in USA.

Why Argentina? How Argentina and their doctors are different from other countries? Why is it so chosen by Americans, Canadians and Australians?

Argentina provides a great combination of safety, top-quality medical treatments, low costs and the well-known close-support and communication of the doctor with the patients. The one-to-one format, addressing each of the needs, customizing the treatment and trip, makes the patients feel as if they were at home.

Why is it special for IVF treatments? Why Fertility Argentina/Cegyr?

I am Dr. Demián Glujovsky, the director of the International Patients Department at Cegyr. I started taking care of international patients 10 years ago, receiving the contact through our website Fertility Argentina. Nowadays, we see 250 international patients every year (70% come from Latin America and 30% from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).
We work to make our patients have the best experience: the process starts when they contact us through the email or by a phone call; then, there are dozens of emails that we exchange in the following 2-3 months, some Skype appointments and phone conversations; one trip to Argentina where we help them in every single detail, from the transfer (to and from the airport) and accommodations to any specific requirement that they could have. The most important, we plan the treatment to have the best chances of success, and I personally participate in every one of our cases. The pregnancy test is taken at home. If positive, the follow-up of the pregnancy is done by the local ObGyn. If negative, we start thinking about how to make it the next time. We want to help them to have a baby, and we will be with each of our patients until they get it.
Safety: Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina; it is a safe and enjoyable place to spend 10 days. We suggest staying at a hotel in Recoleta, Barrio Norte or Palermo, which are great neighborhoods and at no more than 5-10 minutes distance from the clinic by taxi or bus (our team provide our patients with several options to choose the right hotel). Buenos Aires is a city to enjoy both during the daytime and during the night. In the daytime, people can take any public transport (bus, subway, taxi and bicycles) and walk the city. In the night, patients call a taxi and go the restaurants and theaters at Corrientes avenue.
High-quality standards: Cegyr was the first clinic in Argentina to do an IVF and has the largest egg donor program in the region (in 1984). Our outstanding success rates are based on the great embryo lab that we have. As our embryologists are highly trained, we have a very good blastocyst-rate and, therefore, we are able to give some guarantees that make the difference: we allocate at least 6 matures eggs and at least one blastocyst to transfer to every patient. If we don’t get them, we provide them with a second donor with no additional cost. This way of working is what makes us a different and a guaranteed clinic. And it makes feel our patients confident that when they fly to Argentina they will have a blastocyst to transfer and will go back home with the expectations of having a positive result soon.
Empathy: one of the activities that I mostly enjoy is to talk with my patients. I like listening to their needs, explaining what the options are, and helping them choose the best alternative to get their objective: to have a baby at home as soon as possible. I am reachable (by email, phone or Skype) every day because I know that our patients need our contention and feel less stressed if they can ask us their questions. Our team is trained to help them at any time. We try to understand their concerns to customize the treatment as much as possible to make it smooth and unstressed.
Low cost: we work on our prices to make our treatments as affordable as it is possible. As Argentina has lower medical costs than in USA and Europe, we can provide the same quality as best programs in USA with better guarantees but with lower prices. Besides, medication is also much cheaper in Argentina than in USA.
Flexibility: we have many options about the time that patients need to stay in Argentina. Although egg donor recipients usually stay 10 days and patients doing IVF with own eggs stay 12-15 days, we are flexible to adapt the trip to the patients’ needs. As far as we know what they prefer, we offer them options and decide together how to work in the selected frame time.
No need to think about the trip details: our International Patients Department helps our patients in each of the patients’ needs. Our travel assistant organizes everything to wait for the patients at the airport when they arrive, do the transfer from the airport to the hotel, help them choosing the right hotel, and guide them with some tourism options. We want our patients to feel happy with the whole experience and, although we know that the medical treatment is the main part of the trip, we want to help with the rest, to make them spend a nice time in our country.
In summary, I like my job and our team is fully committed to make our patients feel a great experience in our country. Although we cannot guarantee a success on the first attempt, we will take care of our patients from the first time until they get it. And we will do the best job to make it happen as soon as possible. If you have questions, please, ask. Please, let me know if you are interested to come. I will be more than happy to make our team to work on you and your case will be a priority for us. I will personally be talking with you as soon as you need. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Dr. Demián Glujovsky
Director of the International Patients Department at Cegyr

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