IMSI | Intracytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) is a new development that may improve assisted reproduction pregnancy rates. This technology is a power light microscopy that allows embryologists to magnify sperm up to 6,000 times compared to the standard 200 to 400 times magnification associated with traditional fertilization approaches. The higher magnification can enable them to discard sperm which are less likely to produce a healthy embryo. The IMSI procedure may be a potential alternative to those couples whose semen analysis shows a severe teratozoospermia (severe alterations in sperm morphology).

Our medical and embryology staff has always been very concerned of morphology alterations. We have a very specialized team of biologists and embryologists that usually studies sperm samples in deepness. This way, we are more able to explain if there exists a systematic or a non-systematic pathology, and we assess about pregnancy chances using the own semen with a conventional ICSI.

IMSI makes it possible to discard sperm whose nuclei have an abnormal shape or contents. The optimum nucleus is smooth and symmetric, with an oval configuration. Using IMSI, the embryology team can identify any malformation or vacuole in the nuclear mass and they can choose the spermatozoa with optimal length and width.

Implantation and pregnancy by ICSI is associated with morphological nuclear normalcy of sperm. Sperm with a morphologically abnormal nucleus usually have low fertility potential, but some with certain nuclear abnormalities may still be able to produce pregnancy following ICSI. IMSI is still an investigational technology that is supposed to be at least as good as conventional ICSI, but has the potential of having better results in those cases that may benefit from it. Some papers have already published increased pregnancy rates. Nowadays, all over the world, hundreds of children have already born after doing IMSI.

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