Dr. Glujovsky in Australia | 4 days in Brisbane and Hobart talking with patients


Dr. Glujovsky in Australia, talking about egg donation

This trip is getting to the end. As always, coming to Australia is a good experience.

Hobart, Tasmania

First stop was Hobart. I was there 2 days invited by Dr. Irena Nikakis to give a seminar about “Egg donation in Argentina” at her clinic Fertility Tasmania. Before the seminar, a journalist of the newspaper The Mercury came and made me an interview. It was good to know that I could tell more people about the opportunity of coming to Argentina to do egg donation. Then, the seminar was great. Patients had time to ask and we were talking for 90 minutes about our egg donor program: times, trips (only one), costs, requirements, waiting list (les than 2 month) and some other issues.

glujovsky Australiaglujovsky Australia

Brisbane, Queensland

Then, I flied to Brisbane. Third time in this beautiful city. In this case (as previously), I was invited by Dr. Warren De Ambrosis.

He organized a meeting with some doctors on the first evening. We discussed about our egg donor program, but also about stimulation protocols, day of transfer, PGS, mosaicisms, number of embryos to transfer, etc. It was a beautiful evening with some good food.

On the following morning, Dr. De Ambrosis organized the seminar in the same place as in 2012 and 2015. More than 50 persons came to hear about “Egg donation in Argentina”. We were 3 hours talking about it. It was great. I like to meet patients face-to-face and listen to their questions and doubts. Besides, I found some children that came to say hello. Always nice to find those couples that came to Argentina some years ago and now bring me the children to meet me. Beautiful!

More Dr. Glujovsky in Australia in the future

I plan to come back in 2019. I like to do the same trip that patients to to meet me. I like to meet my colleagues who were so kind to invite me. And I like to meet my former patients who bring me the children for a hug and a photo. I am flying back to Argentina in some few hours. Australia: I will be back soon! Hopefully in 2019.

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